Learning to drive services from Ascot Driving School, Redcar, Cleveland

Q: Why should you the learner choose to use Ascot Driving School to guide you through the process of becoming a safe and successful driver?

A: At Ascot our instructors have an agreed program of continuous ongoing training. This ensures that all Ascot instructors reach and maintain the highest professional standards possible, and most importantly this benefits you the student to obtain the best possible service and up to date tuition.

What we at Ascot can offer you:

Standard Plan Driving Lessons:

A course of lessons designed around your needs and circumstances. The lessons follow a structured plan with your own personal progress record to ensure a complete training program is followed, thereby guiding you step by step to becoming a safe and qualified driver. We can also offer a cheap and affordable solution to learning to drive. Block-booking discounts are available, contact us for further details and standard reduced rates for students.

Crash/Intensive Courses:

Instead of months spent on weekly lessons, we at Ascot can reduce this time for those requiring quick results by offering an individually tailored intensive course. Our intensive courses consist of 2 hour driving lessons with a balance of driving practice and Theory test preparation. Intensive course are offered as either a 20 Hour or 30 Hour course.

Theory Test Preparation:

At all times during your training our instructors will be able to help with your preparation for the Theory test. The theory test concentrates on 'reading the road' so that learners understand how to avoid accidents, drive carefully and safely at all times.

What the theory test covers:

Driver Attitude

  • Traffic signs and regulations
  • Effects of alcohol, drugs and fatigue on drive behaviour
  • Safety and environmental aspects of motor vehicles
  • See our links page for a mock test

Hazard Perception Test Preparation:

Part of the new driving test concentrates on a driver’s ability to respond to developing hazards that may require some action from the driver; such as changing speed or direction. We at Ascot will recommend suitable training aids and we offer guidance on what to do in many hazardous situation throughout the course of your training.

The HPT itself consists of 14 video clips each lasting about one minute, the clips feature various types of hazard such as vehicles, pedestrians and driving conditions. A tuition video and sample are shown prior to the start of the test to guide you on how to complete the test.

Pass Plus:

Just because you are a legally qualified driver does not mean you are a competent driver in all conditions, that is why Pass Plus has been devised. The aim of Pass Plus is to help the new driver gain additional experience on the road or in conditions they may not have experienced during their training. Pass Plus is not a series of additional tests but a course of modules under qualified supervision to gain valuable experience.

The Pass Plus modules are:

Town driving

Driving in town can be daunting: rush hour traffic, complicated junctions and traffic systems... learn the skills to deal with all these and more.

All-weather driving

Rain, fog, bright sunshine, snow and ice: find out how to drive safely in all the different weather conditions you'll face on the road.

Driving out of town

Country roads can harbour all kinds of hazards, from sharp bends and potholes to farm vehicles and animals in the road.

Night driving

Dealing with dazzle, judging distance and speed, using your lights correctly - these are just some of the areas covered.

Driving on dual carriageways

To drive safely on fast, multi-lane roads you'll need all your skills of observation, concentration, anticipation and lane discipline.

Driving on Motorways

Motorways are like no other roads: learn how to drive on them safely and correctly under expert supervision.

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